October 9, 2004


The dress code for the crossing will be smart. 4 nights in tux and 2 in jacket and tie. So good excuse to get more clothes even though we have enough...

As BLAZERBOY writes: "on the QE2 last year, and agree that it is more formal- four formal nights out of six on the crossing, and the majority of men wore tuxes.But I wanted to add, in case anyone is fortunate enough to be in one of the grill restaurants, that even on casual nights, they required a coat and tie for dinner. Since, on our trip those were only the first and last nights, it meant having a jacket and tie ready for the first night, and held out of our luggage on the last. The maitre d' in the Britannia Grill (equivalent to Princess Grill on the QM2) would not let people in with out a tie unless their luggage was lost."

On the Cruisemates boards, a chap who has been on the QE2 a few times (Jon) wrote this about jeans:

"The other Jon Date: 09-26-04 17:12 In my experience you do not see too many jeans during the day on QE2, although more appear the further into the cruise/crossing. Dark casual trousers are probably a better bet though as it means you don't need to change for high tea.It is like the shorts in restaurants rule, you do see them at breakfast / lunch time (I've done it myself - shame on me) and no one says anything. This is unlikely to be an issue in December though....!"

The Dress code is:
Dress code applies from 6.30pm every evening.
Formal dress: Tuxedo, dinner jacket or dark suit with tie for the gentlemen, cocktail dress or other evening attire for the ladies.
Informal dress: Suit or sports jacket and tie for the gentlemen, regular/cocktail dress or suit for the ladies.

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