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Queen Mary Ship and Hotel (Long Beach,California)
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Queen Victoria 4 Night European Taster Cruise (2008)
Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic New York - Southampton
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Robert - Hunter Valley said...

Appreciate the site and opportunity of commentary. We are voyaging,sailing as PASSENGERS in our CABIN on Q.V. - New York to Sydney in January, 2013. We were interested in booking on the same ship for 2014, from Fort Lauderdale. The questiion of the Vantage fare, for whatever reason, was not to apply to V402,the q.v.Voyage. So we shall await a future interest. We have travelled on Cunard since 1996 - on QE2, Royal Viking Sun, Q.V. - initial voyage from Sydney, QE, first Voyage from Sydney, QM2 and QE2, last Voyage from New York to London. We had, travelled earlier, in 1973 on ye olde Fairstar.

Gary Bembridge said...

Thanks for the comment. Strange on the Vantage Fares as it was available booking out of the UK for various legs - we have it for our Sydney to Dubai... Sounds like you have a lot of experience of Cunard ships. Would love to have a guest post from you on your experiences and how things have changed... interested?

Anonymous said...

Our first voyage was on the Fairstat, which, I understand, was the Pom 10Pound Ship, bound for our shores. On the day of boarding, my wife and I and our five children, my Father and my Mother-in-Law, were entertaining the extended family, onboard Fairstar. Our youngest son was nowhere to be seen. Then a message from over the system, informing that our son was lost, yet found near the Purser's Office, after which he was reading Italian Comics and eating icecream. So went our first day of a busy voyage expeditionary force, over the future years. To add, somewhat, a class of history, our family cognomen is known by five villages in England. More later, if????

Robert - Hunter Valley said...

To Anonymous -

It was Robert - Hunter Valley writing.

Apologies for incorrect 'signature' - The intial Ship - being FAIRSTAR.

More soon - Mr. Bembridge - If I may.


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