April 28, 2009


Tuesday 14 April 2009 : Joining the Queen Mary 2 in New York for our Crossing to the UK
We had been staying in the Ritz Carlton at Battery Park in New York for the weekend before joining the Queen Mary 2 for the 6 night Transatlantic Crossing Eastwards from New York to Southampton. It was, therefore, very exciting when we went to the lounge for breakfast to see the ship docked across the river in Brooklyn. I took a snap from the lounge and being a bit of a geek, posted it onto Facebook, My Cunard blog (http://allaboutcunard.blogspot.com/ ) and on my Flickr account.
It was not a very good photo as the weather in New York is cloudy and visibility is not great. But still it had a sense of “event” to it, and doing a crossing on Cunard is all about the event.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this interesting post! I'm about to leave on the same trip and found it quite fascinating.

Anonymous said...

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Really cool review, by the way.

karen8865 said...

Thanks for such a detailed and informat review. We are about to take our first cruise and will be doing the same as you have. This was really helpful to me as i am a little nervous about the rough crossing possibiities!
Karen from Cornwall


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