October 14, 2004


A tip I picked up from a Yahoo Group on the QM2 (CunardShipQM2) was to set up on Google one of their news alerts, and then you get emailed eah day, or week or whatever setting you put in any news articles featuring that topic! You go to the google site, go to NEWS and on the left is a link to NEWS ALERT (with a small envelope icon). You enter the key words and it is set up to email you.

I set them up for QE2, QM2 and "Queen Mary 2" to see what happens.

I got the 1st one from the "QM2" setting. Mostly about the recent trip to Canada.

There was one interesting article from the Portland Press Herald (on the mainetoday.com site) which is an interview with Cunard's vice president of marketing and revenue management, David Gevanthor about the recent visit which had this little gem of information:

"NK: Are the other Cunard ships jealous of the QM2?

DG: You know, there is only one other Cunard ship at the moment - actually two. One is leaving the fleet at the end of November, the Coronia, and it's not an original Cunard-built ship. The Queen Elizabeth 2, built in 1969, is as much a legend in her own right as the Queen Mary 2 is in hers. . . . Here's an interesting factoid: If you ask people to name a ship even if they haven't had a cruise, they name only two. One is Titanic, and the other is the Queen Elizabeth 2".Posted by Hello


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