October 17, 2004


We had a real chuckle this morning when flicking through the channels on TV, when we cames across the episode from 1993 of the very popular UK comedy with Patricia Routledge "Keeping Up Appearances" where she plays a pompous and incident prone Mrs Bucket.

The offical slab about the espisode that take place on the QE2 says:

"Sea Fever - Season 4, One-hour special (December 26, 1993) - Hyacinth has finally gotten her dream of cruising on the QE2, just like the starlets of old. But, when her attempts to find a superior path to the docks land her and Richard far-off the beaten path, it's she who ends up with mud in her eye. Also, finally catching up with the QE2 is not the end of her adventures; there's someone on board that shouldn't be, and Hyacinth needs to figure out what's going on!"

This hour long episode takes place all over the ship as Hyacinth chases all over it, looking for her sister and brother-in-law who she thinks have stowed away. They have in fact won a prize that puts them in a better cabin than Hyacinth is in (getting refused entry to the Queens Grill while her "poor relations" join the captain as part of their big prize they had won).

The ship looks a bit tatty and a bit "old fashioned". But it was 1993!

I had read in one of the message boards a discussion about this episode and the fact that Patricia had been back on the QE2 in her personal capacity as a passenger. Guess she got hooked too!Posted by Hello


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