October 11, 2004


Well, there is at least one other person (other than me!) that has looked at my blog! Hooray!

Stowaway2K, who is a regular and helpful poster on cruisecritic has kindly dropped me a suggestion on some other books he suggests I find and read after looking at this blog and seeing the review. The good news is I have already found one and am bidding for that on eBay. The hunt for the others will start!!

(He is also on the December crossing - as are a lot of other cruisecritic posters)

The books he suggested are:

* CAPTAIN OF THE QUEEN by Captain Robert Harry Arnott 1982
From the jacket: "This is the autobiography of the most famous sea captain of them all. Captain Robert Harry Arnott is master of Queen Elizabeth 2, the largest and most luxurious passenger liner afloat. Captain Bob, as he is affectionately known, first went to sea at the age of 17 with the Blue Funnel Line. He was a humble midshipman then, but steady promotion followed. CAPTAIN OF THE QUEEN tells the story of his full career, culminating in that glorious moment when he was appointed Captain of the most famous passenger liner ever built.

This is the story told with a unique insight and affectionate recollection. The most famous names in the world, from all walks of life, have sailed on the QE2. People have been drawn back to its unique combination of elegance and comfort. Many of the stories told are taken from the Captain's personal log, and the text is augmented with many illustrations from his own private collection".

His comment: This book has the personal touch you missed from Warwick's book. Written 22 years ago, but I quite enjoyed it.

* C-SIX Ten Years as the Doctor of the QE2 by Nigel Roberts 1988
From the jacket: "Nigel Roberts, for twelve years chief medical officer on the QE2 and other great Cunard ships has written a hilarious and dramatic memoir. He writes, naturally, of the medical emergencies that can take place during a cruise or Atlantic crossing and also of the less serious dilemmas facing a doctor at sea..."

His comment: I found this a very interesting "behind the scenes" look at a part of life on QE2 not well known. The title is a pun, as the ship's hospital is located at C stairway deck six, so the location of the hospital, C-SIX ... seasicks....ha ha!

* FROM THE BRIDGE QE2 Cunard's Flagship by Peter Moxom, Malcolm Fimister, Allan Burney. 1990
This is a "from the bridge" look at a transatlantic crossing from a senior officer's point of view.

* DRIVING THE HOTEL by Peter Moxom 1990
a mostly technical view of QE2 by a senior officer

My comment: Looks like a lot of reading to be done!!!! Can't wait.... Posted by Hello


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