November 27, 2004


This my review of the novel "Attack on the Queen" by Richard P. Henrick 1997 Avon Books (who also wrote the well known "Crimson Tide" .... the film version of that film had Sean Connery in the lead as a Scottish accent Russian sub commander if I recall!!).

It is described on the cover by the San Francisco Examiner as "compelling.. a fascinating geopolitical thriller".... Well I am not so sure about any of that other than the word "compelling"! For what it is, is an exciting story. If somewhat a bit heavy on body count towards the end. It tells the story of an historic summit of the world leaders who are being joined by the new President of China. It is set in a just post-cold war world where Russia is part of the world leader club - and the new Chinese President is joining them - with the suggestion he is about to embrace the new world order. Much to the concern of the "old guard thinkers". These are very well connected and manage to stage a quite spectacular hijack of a sub and also the QE2 itself.

It is not at all likely, but very engaging and a good old exciting romp and story as good battles evil. With the traditional Chinese thinkers being the enemy and really quite ruthless and nasty. I guess this book was written and published at the time when writers were looking for the new focal "enemy" post cold war.

It was one of those, I know what is going to happen in the end books that you just have to keep reading anyway as he is a great writer. One who clearly knows and loves submarines. And seems to know the QE2 pretty well too!!Posted by Hello


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