December 31, 2004


Some more great thoughts and comments based on my QE2 crossing thoughts and experinces:

"You have found out one of the downsides of the QE2 (and most other ships too) is that some of the highest grades of accommodation are high up in the ship so you get swung side to side when there is a lot of rolling going on. There are Q1 cabins on 1 deck and suites on 2 deck that do not suffer so much.QE2 does creak a bit, up in the suites the decks are quite thin and do suffer more than elsewhere with vibration and movement.

QM2 does creak too, the biggest weather I have experienced on her was force 7 so does not compare to force 9, but she has her assortment of creaks and moans which took me aback slightly. I suspect that ultimately the new kid will creak much less than the old girl.

I know what you mean about "holiday camp" entertainment. This can be viewed as crassness or just part of the history of ocean travel. Cunard entertainment is amongst the worst on the high seas but the film and lecture program makes up for it. I have never had much praise for Broadway Bound.I am interested to hear what your opinions are between P&O and Cunard." Posted by Hello


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