January 20, 2005


I had not realised there was more history to the new P&O Arcadia that is due to be launched in April (and we are going on in July). I did know that it was going to be Cunard's Victoria but in a review of new ships due in 2005, CruiseCritic reported a more complex history!

"Will Launch On: April 14

Backstory: Arcadia has more incarnations than a comedic impersonator. First, the ship was intended to serve as the last Vista-class vessel in Holland America's fleet. Then it was transferred to the Cunard umbrella of ships -- where it was announced it would debut as Queen Victoria. But after the splashy success of Cunard's Queen Mary 2, designers who wanted to incorporate some of its pioneering design features into the new vessel found that its design platform (or ship's general layout) wasn't terribly compatible. So Arcadia found a home at U.K.-based P&O.

All cruise lines involved, incidentally, are part of the Carnival Corp. family.

Quirks & Highlights: Arcadia will replace P&O's Adonia (which is returning to Princess' fleet) as one of the industry's few adult-only vessels. In lieu of lavish kids facilities, then, expect a more sophisticated ambience, a larger-than-usual spa facility, and a variety of dining arenas.

Itineraries: Arcadia will spend the summer sailing a variety of European itineraries, from the Western Mediterranean to the Adriatic to the Baltic Sea."


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