January 3, 2005


Transatlantic Tom wrote this in comment to my comparison of Qe2 and Aurora:

“Thanks GaryI have not managed to get on a P&O ship yet, something else comes up each time I am about to book a P&O cruise (often a good deal on QE2!).

The Aurora cruise I almost did was the one that got hit with Norwalk virus and was not allowed to dock anywhere.....I was so glad we had not booked it.

A couple of my relatives did the Aurora world cruise last year. They traveled around Australia at the same time as QE2 and they commented on how shabby she looked on deck in comparison to Aurora. They also commented on "looking down" on QE2 also from the physical point of view.

One thing they didn't mention was that QE2 arrived in port before them and left after them, overtaking them at sea every day, giving the QE2 passengers longer in port.

I admit to being a "QE2 junkie" as you put it. The old girl keeps calling me back, twice in 2004.

Now that you have been on board you understand what QE2 is all about. She has her problems - the accommodation is inferior to modern ships and has plumbing and air conditioning issues - but she has so much character that the modern ships do not have. Long may she reign” Posted by Hello


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