February 5, 2005


We have decided to cancel the 9 night Eastern Caribbean trip that we booked on the Celebrity Century ship. And have booked to go to Zimbabwe to the Victoria Falls instead, and go the Cunard QM2 (probably transatlantic) in 2006 instead.

Our decision was driven by these things:

1) We watched the DVD that arrived from Cunard last night. The sent another brochure that we seem to have received 3 times, but this one had a DVD in with 2 short films on them. An overall Cunard one that has the QE2 and QM2 in equal amounts, and another on the QM2 transatlantic. Seeing the Cunard ships made us realise that we have such an affinity for Cunard that we really want to go on the QM2.

2) We watched last night the TV series form the UK of a few years ago called "The Cruise". It was the one that had the singer Jane McDonald as one of the features - and in fact made her quite a big personality in the UK after it. It was set on one of the Celebrity Ships like the Century in the Caribbean. We realised that the type of people and type of cruise it was, was just not really us.

3) As we were planning to use air miles to get to the States, we realised that we cannot get direct to Miami as they lock so many dates out as this is a peak time for trips there, and so it would mean going via JFK or Atlanta and 2 flights and all the hassles.

We looked at other options and decided to go to Zimbabwe on Airmiles, and do a special Queens Grill trip on the QM2 next year... and if I have my way it will be one of the early Transatlantics (and then probably go to Las Vegas for a week after that)....


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