February 18, 2005

Four charged over alleged QE2 breach

Police have charged a group of people over an alleged security breach on board one of the world's largest passenger liners while it was docked in Fremantle. (Australia)

The Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) sailed into the port city yesterday morning.
The four people are alleged to have illegally boarded the ship about 9:30pm yesterday, after earlier being refused access.

Police say the two men and two women were detected in one of the ship's bar areas.
Security staff, police and Customs were called and the group was subsequently charged.
One of them, a 26-year-old Padbury man, has also been charged with stealing a motor vehicle, burglary, stealing from a vessel, assault and disorderly conduct.

The four will appear in court next week.

The QE2 is due to leave for Esperance today Posted by Hello


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