February 3, 2005


I ahve decided - at last - to get down to writing a book. Well a series of books. Something that I ahve been saying I woudl do for ages and ages.

It is just that I have found the "idea" and thing that I want to do... and also the thing that maybe eventaully will mean I can travel about as a cruiseline guest speaker!!

I have been posting this message on a number of groups:

"This is kind of on topic...! I am starting some research for a book I am working on about at things people consider to be "icons" related to travel in all its forms (cruising included naturally!). It would be a great help if as many of you could do the survey and express your view. The list is quite long (around 50) and as I mentioned they are all transport or transportation related (e.g. 4 Cunard ships and some others there on the list) as well as some others.All the survey asks you to do is tick legend, idol, icon or don't know/ none of these. There is a definition of the terms legend, icon etc to help you.. The objective being to not think long and hard but just go down the list and tick what you first think....This is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=41195840489Thanks if you get the time.... Very much appreciated!! Gary"


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