March 7, 2005


The discussion continues on the message baords and Yahoo groups about what shoudl ro should not happen to the QE2. I guess pretty much everyone has cometo accept that the ship years are numbered.

Pete has an interesting view:

"There could be some resistance to QE2 being used as a
conference/hotel centre in Japan. The original Queen Elizabeth was on her way to Japan via Hong Kong when she was arsoned.

Becoming a hotel etc - it's already been done with Queen Mary and the
original Queen Elizabeth was tried as a hotel in LA, but it didn't
work out.

Finding a suitable resting place for QE2 is further hampered by her draught of 32 feet. Not many harbours in popular locations can accomodate her.

Sending her to breakers in Alang would be an unbecoming end to such
an icon, which leaves very little choice. Look at SS France and nobody wants her....... she's off to be scrapped soon.

Now, if they took QE2, scrapped her and with it made a QE2 Version 2 - THAT would be welcome (to me"

He is not 100% right on the QE story as she was being converted into SeaWise University when she was arsoned. The original QE being one of the chapters in a book I am writing at the moment!!! More on that in a future posting....


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