April 19, 2005


Here is more on the QE2 damage saga from the Cruise Travel email newsletter:
"Three QE2 Crew Arrested for Vandalizing Artwork 
Three crew members on board Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) were
arrested on suspicion of damaging a historic three-panel tapestry that had
been displayed on board the famous ocean liner since she entered
service in 1969 (see picture to left). According to authorities, the incident
happened Thursday night following a crew party.

The three crew members allegedly drew a mustache and glasses on the
first of the three panels which displays members of England's royal
family. They then removed the second panel, which features an image of QE2's
launch, and used it as part of a parlor game. Authorities fear that the
middle panel was then thrown overboard and are asking other vessels to
keep an eye out for it.

In addition to the damage to the tapestry, the crew members were
believed to have caused damage to carpets, wall coverings, bathrooms and a
lifeboat. The total cost of the damage is estimated to be more than
$15,000. Following the incident, the men were detained by the ship's
security staff until she docked.

QE2 was returning from her 23rd world cruise and arrived in her home
port of Southampton on Saturday. The ship was met by authorities and the
men were taken into custody. They were released several hours later
after posting bail. A hearing on the matter is set for sometime next
month. "

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