June 28, 2005

Trafalgar Row Aboard Qe2

This from THE SCOTSMAN paper... glad I had not booked as I Had really wanted to go....


Passengers who paid thousands to watch Trafalgar 200 events from the comfort of luxury cruise liner the QE2 are angry at the captain’s decision to anchor further away from the action, it emerged today.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 is to anchor nearly three miles away from tomorrow’s fleet review when passengers claim the brochures promised the ship would be “at the heart and soul” of the festivities

More than 200 passengers, who paid between £800 and £3,000 for a five-day cruise which included attendance at the events, have signed a petition to the captain in protest.

Trevor Powell, who booked his trip more than a year ago, told BBC News: “First of all it says the QE2 will be the fleet flagship. The brochure says ’the most famous ship in the world will be at the heart and soul of the Trafalgar celebrations’.

“But we’re right out on the peripheral, just a dot on the map.”

Captain Steve Bramley, marketing director of the fleet review, said: “The captain wanted a little more water for navigational freedom.

“It’s still very much part of the International Fleet Review and HMS Endurance, the reviewing ship, will still pass by so they are not going to miss it.

“They will be able to see everything in the fleet review and have a wonderful view.”

Cunard said the “slight change” in location was to accommodate the increase in the number of vessels taking part in the fleet review.

A spokesman for Cunard said the fleet review route had been amended to accommodate this change and the Queen, on board review ship HMS Endurance, will pass the QE2 twice.

“The safety of the ship, passengers and crew is Cunard’s prime concern, however, the passengers’ experience will not be adversely affected by this change,” he added.

“QE2 has both a unique view and simply the best location afforded to a passenger vessel due to her being an integral part of the Review.”


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