August 9, 2005


Also from the same group:
Hi Gary - nice report - I agree pretty much with most of your comments.

We didn't notice as many 'moaners' as in May but there are still quite a few !!

Well - I've managed to catch my breath a little now so here are my thoughts on J510, I won't bother much with the actual ship as that has been done to death !

The first couple of days were a little disappointing weather-wise as was St Tropez where it rained in the morning.
We thought Florence was a great place (even the glove shops !) and had a good day there. We stayed on board in Civitavechia and just sat around the aft pool at the railing overlooking the busy port - it was nice to experience the quietness of a ship in port !

Alghero we thought was a fantastic little port - much better than Cagliari - just wandered round the place most of the day and had a nice lunch overlooking the marina.

Gib was Gib - although it was shrouded in cloud all morning and looked very similar to Skull Island in King Kong !

The service and food standards again we found were excellent - but we had a table at the back again in the Meridian Lower overlooking the wake - again we found it a little noisy, but not enough to warrant asking for a move. Had the seas been rougher that may have changed.

We ate in the Orchid once which was very good, but we avoided Arcadian Rhodes.

The theatre company were once again on form - it was the same Cirque show from May but I have to say I found it even more spectacular 2nd time round - it has to be the most impressive performance at sea.

I only caught the tail end of the 'adult comedians' in the Globe on the first night but I heard a rumour that they got booed off very quickly on the 2nd night and walked out - don't know if anybody else can confirm this ?

Having read Cruisa's comments regarding the teenagers we now wish we were booked back on Arcadia next year and not Aurora - perhaps I'm getting old, but I do think P&O need to give more thought here about a slightly 'heavier' presence at night (I'm sure there will be more on this topic !).



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