October 28, 2005

Most Expensive Transatlantic Cruise:

Most Expensive Transatlantic Cruise: $4,041.50

British pound: 2,313
Indian rupee: 182,575
Australian dollar: 5,413
Canadian dollar: 4,757
Singapore dollar: 6,854
Euro: 3,383

The Queen Mary 2 takes six days to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from Southampton, England to New York City. The onboard Canyon Ranch spa, casino, nightly disco and seven restaurants--from the grand, three-story Britannia Restaurant to the Boardwalk Café by the pool--provide endless opportunities for distraction if simply sitting in the swimming pool or lounging on the deck isn't your cup of tea. A Grand Duplex apartment, featuring a private balcony, marble bathrooms and a butler, costs $24,249.


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