January 26, 2006

QM2 tourists may miss flights home

QM2 tourists may miss flights home
By Amy Iggulden
(Filed: 26/01/2006)
The Queen Mary 2, the world's largest cruise ship which is facing legal action by at least 250 passengers, is still running a day late and will not reach port until tomorrow, officials have admitted.
The ship was due to arrive in Brazil early today after cancelling all three port trips on a 12-day cruise because of a broken propeller. The latest estimates indicate that it will arrive in Rio de Janeiro at 6am local time tomorrow, 22 hours behind schedule.
Passengers, who have threatened a sit-in and have begun a class-action legal suit, now fear that they will miss their flights home.
Cunard, the cruise operator, is arranging transport for passengers who booked a package, but those who booked flights independently are not guaranteed passage home.
Hundreds of passengers due to disembark in Rio have tried to contact the British law firm Capital Law, which confirmed yesterday that it had registered a class-action on their behalf.
Cunard has offered a 50 per cent refund for passengers on the 12-day leg from New York to Rio

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