February 27, 2006

Podcast of the Queen Mary 2's Historic `Royal Rendezvous' with the Queen Mary

Medialink: Podcast of the Queen Mary 2's Historic `Royal Rendezvous' with the Queen Mary
--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Queen Mary 2, the most expensive ocean liner ever built, made her Los Angeles debut last week. To mark this special occasion, Cunard's illustrious past and dynamic present came together when Queen Mary 2, met her namesake ship, Queen Mary, in Long Beach Harbor.

At this momentous event Queen Mary 2 sailed through Long Beach Harbor, sounding a greeting to Queen Mary, which is permanently docked in the port of Long Beach. The first-time whistle salutation took on even more meaning as QM2 carried one of her namesake's original whistles, the tone of whose deep bass "A" could be heard ten miles away.
Thousands viewed the mid-day "Royal Rendezvous" of the two Queen Marys and commemorative festivities took place onboard both ships and along the coastal city's shores. Fireboats and a flotilla of ships, yachts and boats, as well as a squadron of skytypers, were on hand to herald this historic meeting. In another nod to history, skytyper Greg Stinis returned to the skies of Long Beach harbor for a repeat overhead performance, similar to the aerial celebration he carried out to mark the arrival of Queen Mary in 1967.
You can reach a podcast showing this historic meeting of the Queens by copying and pasting the following URL into your podcasting application: http://podcaster.medialink.com/default.asp?QM2
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