April 6, 2006

Lap of honour brings QE2 past Brid

Fans will be able to line the promenades and cliff-tops to catch a glimpse of the QE2 on Sunday, Sept-ember 16.
She will be passing Bridlington and Flamboro-ugh Head on her way to the Tyne, and will be sailing close to the coast to give members of the public the best view possible.
It is part of a 'lap of honour' around the UK to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the QE2 being launched.
The event should create as much interest as when the Queen Mary 2 sailed past in July 2004, and more than 1,000 people packed on to the headland at Flamborough to see the ship.
On that day, traffic was grid-locked, parking spaces were impossible to find and the ship was so close to the shore, the crowds were even able to read her name.

* The QE2 weighs 70,000 tons and has a top speed of 34 knots, although she can also travel backwards at 19 knots, which is faster than most ships can travel forwards.
* She has sailed nearly 5.5 million nautical miles - more than any ship in history and the equivalent to travelling to the moon and back 13 times.
* Building costs were £29m in 1969 but since then Cunard, the company which owns the QE2, has spent more than 15 times that amount on refits and refurbishments.
* Each year 277,000 metres of cling film is used, enough to go around the QE2 nearly 731 times.
* The number of tea bags used each day would supply a family for an entire year and enough fruit juice is used in one year to fill up QE2's swimming pools nearly eight times.
* In 1982, she was requisitioned by the Government for service in the Falklands Campaign – and so joined the ranks of the great Cunarders called upon to serve the country in times of conflict.

Have you ever been on the QE2. You can let us know what you think of the QE2 and send us pictures of your journey by e-mailing letters@bridlingtonfreepress.co.uk
05 April 2006

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