May 9, 2007

'Queen Elizabeth 2' brings hundreds to Antigua

This news from the about a long awaited return visit from the QE2 to Antigua:

"The Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) made a long awaited journey to Antigua’s shores on Sunday, some 12 years after its initial visit.

The ship, which made its maiden voyage in 1969, is a 963 ft long vessel and carried over 70,000 gross tonnages with a top speed of 32.5 knots which makes her still one of the fastest cruise liners in the world.

Due to the ships depth of 32 ft, it could not dock alongside the Heritage or Nevis Street docks, and passenger therefore had to be tendered via shuttle boats into the boardwalk between the two piers.

Even though the ship has a capacity of 2,800, the President of the Antigua & Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association (ABCTA), Nathan Dundas, told the Antigua Sun that ship brought 1,700 visitors, many of whom went on tours to various historic sites around the island.

Dundas is hopeful that another trip to the country will not be as far between as previous ones; however, the QE2 is currently on one of its usual world cruises which last approximately 80 days per year.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 was the flagship of the Cunard Line for over 30 years."

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