August 14, 2007

Book on Cunard receives award

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Steam Lion: A Biography of Samuel Cunard (Nimbus) by John Langley was given an honorary mention by the Keith Matthews Award.

Administered by the Canadian Nautical Research Society, the award is given each year to the best nautical book. The jury may also give an honorary mention. The prize was awarded to A Race for Real Sailors: The Bluenose and the International Fishermen’s Cup, 1920-1938 by Keith McLaren.

The awards were announced on Aug. 5 during the society’s annual conference.
Langley also received the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award. Steam Lion, which was first published in October 2006, will be available in paperback this fall.

"Steam Lion engagingly introduces readers to perhaps the most famous name in the shipping business. In this long-overdue, readable biography of Samuel Cunard, a visionary Halifax entrepreneur, Langley, a noted authority on Cunard’s life, demonstrates the magnitude of Cunard’s achievements," writes the awards committee. "Steam Lion also makes useful contributions to the history of 19th-century trade, immigration, Maritime shipbuilding, and the Cunard family."

Langley established the Cunard Steamship Society in 1998 after retiring from a career in law. Since then, he has devoted much of his time to research and writing about Cunard history. He lives in Halifax.

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