August 14, 2007

Cruising to Nova Scotia aboard the QM2

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"Cruising to Nova Scotia aboard the QM2

After seeing a Labor Day cruise to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the Queen Mary 2 advertised in the Travel section, we quickly made our reservations. Tom and Carla Walsh (left in the photo) and my husband, Jim, and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversaries in 2006. The cruise was a wonderful way to celebrate love and friendship.

The Queen Mary 2 was a lovely ship. Tropical Storm Ernesto made it a "little" choppy, but after all it was the Queen Mary 2, and the storm was hardly felt.
Tip: Since the weather along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia is unpredictable, pack a sweater, raincoat and umbrella. As for the Queen Mary 2, bring comfortable shoes for walking the deck and your dancing shoes for the evening.

Pat Keegan

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