August 4, 2007

NYC Police stop mini-submarine floating near Queen Mary 2

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Police in New York City have stopped an egg-shaped, mini-submarine found floating in the harbour near the moored ocean liner Queen Mary II.
The vessel was designed for "underwater navigation", police said, and seemed to be a replica of the Turtle submarine from the American War of Independence.

Three men have been charged with breaching harbour regulations but terrorism is not suspected.

The mini-sub had a hatch on top and was propelled by a pedal-operated paddle.

One man was in the vessel and two other men were in an inflatable boat towing the sub.

'Marine mischief'

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the mini-sub "is the creative craft of three adventuresome individuals".

"It does not pose any terrorist threat... We can best summarise today's incident as marine mischief."

Police spotted the handmade wooden vessel floating some 60 metres (197 feet) from the Queen Mary II - inside the liner's security zone.

"Basically, the vessel was not safe to sail," said Coast Guard officer Angelia Rorison.

"It had no lights, no flares. It was not registered," she said.

"Instead of safety violations, this could have turned into a search and rescue."

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