September 20, 2007

QE2 back on Clyde after 40 years

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The QE2 arrived on the Forth earlier this week
The QE2 has marked the 40th anniversary of its launch by returning to the stretch of river where it was built.

The liner, which has been on a celebratory tour, will be given a gala reception at Greenock, on the Clyde.
It is the world's most travelled liner, having notched up 5.6 million nautical miles while carrying 2.5 million passengers.

The vessel was launched from the John Brown shipyard in Clydebank on 20 September 1967.
It berthed at Ocean Terminal, Greenock, on Thursday and at 1428 BST the ship's whistle will blow to mark the exact moment of her launch

About 100 workers involved in the construction of the QE2 will watch on as guests of honour.
The QE2 will be delivered to Dubai in November 2008, where it will cease its role as an ocean-going passenger vessel, to be refurbished to create a luxury floating hotel

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