September 17, 2007

QE2 visit to Tyne area was minutes from being abandoned

"THE arrival of the QE2 was just minutes from being cancelled after the liner was battered by strong winds.
Winds of up to 20 knotts whipped across the sea, causing the ship's Captain to consider abandoning the visit at the final moment.
Crowds watched nervously as the liner made three failed attempts to enter the Tyne, turning away at the last moment over fears she could smash into the South pier.

With the tide set to turn at 7pm, Captain D. W. Perkins agreed to make one last attempt to enter the Tyne at the winds died down.

If it had failed, the liner was set to carry on its journey to Scotland, without stopping in the north east.

After one more achingly slow turning circle, the ship finally managed to make it up the Tyne to the joy of the crowds on either side of the river."

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