December 30, 2007

Queen Victoria hit by sickness bug

This from the news site

"Nearly 80 people onboard Cunard's new £300m luxury liner, the Queen Victoria, have been hit by a sickness bug on her second voyage.

A company spokesman said 25 people were still unwell after the Norovirus, which causes vomiting and diarrhoea, struck.

The 3,000 passengers on the 16-day festive trip around the Canary Islands have paid between £1,100 and £24,400.

The Queen Victoria left her home port of Southampton on 21 December and is due back on the 6 January.

In January 2007, more than 300 people - 17% of the passengers - onboard Cunard's largest liner, the Queen Elizabeth 2, were infected with the Norovirus.

The Queen Victoria was named by the Duchess of Cornwall in the city on 10 December.

The spokesman confirmed that 78 people in total had been taken ill and had been asked to stay in their cabins to prevent further spread of the bug.

All surfaces onboard were being disinfected and passengers were being asked to wash their hands regularly, he said.

He added the cruise schedule had not been changed and the luxury liner was set to arrive in Gran Canaria on New Year's Eve.

The 90,000-tonne ship boasts seven restaurants, three swimming pools, a 6,000-book library and a casino and is Cunard's most luxurious liner"

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