June 19, 2008

Chasing the Queen

Chasing the Queen, originally uploaded by gcquinn.

This moment lasted only a split second -- and then the wave flattened, the boats aligned themselves and the big ship turned more to starboard. A moment before, the fishing boat upper left had cut off a cabin cruiser that turned sharply to the left and is out of view. The result was a moment of wildness in the wake of the QM2 as it arrived in San Francisco for its maiden visit on February 4, 2007. We were lucky to remain upright in our little ship the Pat. Pending, thanks to the sure hand of captain Mel Owen. (The Owens have had this 50-foot wooden motor yacht in their family since the 1930s and I am glad to say it remains seaworthy despite this wave off of our bow). More of my shots:


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