August 22, 2008

Life at sea: 9 year cruise ship resident looking for a new home

A blog posting with this as the title was posted today on the site

It talks about Beatrice Muller who has been living full time on the QE2 for many years since her husband died while on the ship. She now has to decide what to do when the QE2 retires to Dubai later this year.

An extract form the posting reads:
"Some people seek out golf courses and gated communities for their retirement; others choose the ocean. That's exactly what Beatrice Muller, an 89 year-old widow from New Jersey, did. She's spent the last nine years living the life on the high seas, cruising around the world on the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2. Muller finds this much more pleasant than any old retirement home and she plans to keep up her worldly accommodations, except for one problem: the 41 year old QE2 is retiring in November. What is an old, sea-loving woman to do? Find another ship of course"

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