August 29, 2008

The Masters of the QE2 address her regular passengers

This is from Rob Lighbody on Flickr, who has many great Cunard pics

"Dear Guest,

Welcome aboard Queen Elizabeth 2, in all likelihood for the final time before she departs for Dubai to be admired by future generations. Being two of her very fortunate captains, we have grown immensely fond of this iconic liner who has served the fleet so impeccably over 39 years. We are also incredibly proud of our own hugely enjoyable service on arguably the most famous shipin recent maritime history.

For us, one of the greatest pleasures of every Cunard voyage has been meeting up with old friends and making new ones, as QE2 has always been an especially sociable ship and there is a wonderful feel of community woven into her elegant public rooms. Indeed, you often tell us that seeing all the friendly faces among the ship's company and your fellow guests is a huge part of QE2's immense character.

But as this Cunard chapter closes, an exciting new era beckons. In Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria, you will discover two of the most luxurious ships on the seas today. Many of you have already sampled their unique pleasures; for others this will be a new experience - albeit a familiar one. Like QE2, each magnificently upholds our proud traditions as lavish public rooms host glittering formal nights, elegant ballroom dancing, time-honoured afternoon tea and impeccable dining all presented with the famed hospitality opf our White Star Service. Through our extended Cunard Insights programme, you can share the wit and wisdom of many noted luminaries - and you may even encounter a few other familiar faces among the crew and your fellow guests.

We hope you have the opportunity to experience Queen Victoria or Queen Mary 2 very soon and further more, book your next voyage on board and you'll receive extra benefits as detailed on the back cover.

Best wishws and enjoy your voyage on QE2

Captain Ian McNaught & Captain David Perkins "

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