August 12, 2008

Water fit for a Queen

Water fit for a Queen, originally uploaded by Rob Lightbody.

Advert from QE2's 1986/7 rebuild about her ability to produce 100,000 gallonds of drinking water daily from the ocean.

"Every day aboard the QE2 100,000 gallons of drinking water, (thats about 1,200,000 glasses) is produced from seawater at a quality better than the world health organisation standard.
The plant required to provide this pure water has been designed and manufactured by Reverse Osmosis Systems Limited, whose installation includes pre-filtration equipment and high rejection membranes rejecting viruses bacteria and pyrogrss, producing high quality drinking water.
The desalination equipment is microprocessor equipped with 8 selectable programmes, the quality, quantity, pressure and recovery rate of the water is continuously monitored by a main control panel, backed by a remote panel in the control room which provides a continual indication of the status of the plant
The ROS design incorporates a modularises system to fit into compact areas aboard the QE2 with the pumps and motors situated in the engine room two decks below the filtration, membranes and control consoles.

The result is clear - water fit for a Queen".

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