September 6, 2008

Final farewell to QE2’s distinctive red funnel?

This article appeared on Daily Echo today.

Part of the article says:
"QE2 has been sold for £50million to a Middle Eastern development company which will transform the Cunarder into a floating hotel at the centre of Dubai.

Fears are growing among shipping experts and former passengers that QE2, regarded by many as the last remaining true ocean-going liner, will be altered to such an extent that her style and classic lines will be lost forever.

This also comes amid disappointment that QE2 will arrive and depart on her last day in her home, shrouded in darkness.

QE2 will leave the port on November 11 when the liner will fly the longest paying-off pennant ever by a Cunard liner.

Once moored at her new berth in Dubai, QE2’s new owners are expecting to spend millions on refurbishing the liner and changing the lay-out, turning it into a hotel, tourist destination and shopping complex.

The new owners are examining schemes for QE2 including removing the funnel and repositioning it on the quayside where it would be converted into a reception and information centre.

Plans also exist to remove the liner’s engines and create a new glass-fronted mock funnel that would be seven decks high and contain ten luxury suites.

John Lillywhite, chairman of the Southampton branch of the World Ship Society, said: “We have also heard that it is likely all the ship’s davits and lifeboats are to go. "

Read the full article at: Final farewell to QE2’s distinctive red funnel?


Muscat said...

Since Dubai bought the QE2 as much for its image as for the accommodation it provides , removing the funnel would be a surprising decision

Gary Bembridge said...

It is a very strange decision after they spent so much to buy the ship to then seemingly dismantle it...


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