February 19, 2010

Cunard Queen Victoria Helping BBC Children In Need

I received this email today from Cunard:

If your mornings have not been the same since Sir Terry Wogan left his weekday morning show, then why not join us aboard Queen Victoria on 14 May 2010 for the second TOGs (Terry's Old Geezers and Gals) voyage?

Fares start from just £1,399 per person

This 12 night Jewels of the Mediterranean voyage, roundtrip from Southampton, takes in such cultural delights as Barcelona, Cannes and Civitavecchia (for Rome). And we're delighted that Sir Terry and his intrepid team will be joining us during the voyage, to entertain and delight all TOGs on board. More Information.

You too could be a TOG!

Simply sign up for this wonderful adventure - as well as having a lot of fun - you'll also be making a contribution to BBC Children In Need. Cunard will donate 10% of every TOGs voyage booked directly with Cunard online at www.cunard.co.ukto this charity. To ensure you are registered as a TOG and able to join in all the amazing activities, please book direct with Cunard online at www.cunard.co.uk or call the TOG Voyage Helpline on 01633671586.


Sir Terry Returns to the Airwaves.

Sir Terry Wogan and his beloved TOGs (Terry’s Old Geezers and Gals) are planning a second intrepid trip on Cunard’s Queen Victoria to raise money for BBC Children In Need – and everyone’s invited!

The 12-night roundtrip voyage from Southampton promises to visit the Jewels of the Mediterranean – woven with more than a modicum of guests, glamour and glitz from the whimsical world of Wake Up To Wogan.

Many members of the Togmeister's team will be on board to host receptions, entertainment, and evenings of music and mirth – and Pudsey is sure to make an appearance or two! Janet and John Marsh, and the mad ‘bus crasher’ Charles Nove, The ‘Loose Canon’ Roger Royle  and ‘Voice Of The Balls’ Alan Dedicoatare already aiming to build up their parts!

And the ‘ Togmeister’ himself is hoping  to helicopter in to rescue the whole sorry affair!

View Details: Wonders of the Mediterranean II

The 12-night trip departs from Southampton 14 May 2010 and includes:
  • Two Exclusive Champagne Receptions
  • Deadlyoke – a sea shanty sing-a-long with the Voice Of The Balls
  • Janet & John Live! (not for the faint hearted)
  • A Natter With Nove ( A crash course in how not to drive a bus and other torrid tales)
  • And the return of Alan Dedicoat’s world famous Pub Quiz (“who’s buying me a drink?”)
  • Plus a sensational fundraising evening with a knight of the realm and the team!

Fundraising dynamos Norman Macintosh and Hellen Bach are delighted that Sir Terry and his crew are back on the high seas.

“Following the great comments we had from the TOGs both on board and following the last Voyage, and with this one being Southampton to Southampton, I am sure it will be even more successful. The facilities on-board are fantastic and the presence of the Togmeister and his team will be a highlight for TOGs. We are proud to be associated with a second TOGs Voyage on Cunard’s Queen Victoria!”

Anyone can be termed a TOG and sign up to this extraordinary adventure – but it isIMPERATIVE that they make their booking direct with Cunard online here or call the TOG Voyage Helpline on 01633 671586. Cunard, pledges to donate ten per cent of each and every TOG fare made via these methods to BBC Children In Need.

Unfortunately bookings made through travel agents and other third  parties will not include a contribution from Cunard to BBC Children in Need and will not ensure participation in the TOGs fun on board so please follow the procedure above.

*10% donation applies to bookings made direct with Cunard at www.cunard.co.uk  or on the link from the TOG’s website – www.charitygoods.com or via the TOG Voyage Helpline on 01633 671586. The 10% will be calculated in relation to the paid fare amounts, not land arrangements or hotel options amounts, any cancellation revenues or any fees.

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