March 19, 2010

Cunard: Longer, seven-day trans-Atlantic crossings are here to stay

Queen Mary 2 & Grand Voyager
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USAToday reports that: "One of the oldest traditions in the cruise business, a trans-Atlantic crossing between New York and Southampton on a Cunard Line ship, is getting longer"

Cunard have announced that most of the 21 trans-Atlantic voyages planned for 2011 on the Queen Mary 2 will be seven days long. They have usually only been 6 days.

They go on to sya: "Cunard already plans to operate several longer, seven-night trans-Atlantic voyages this coming summer, and they've been selling well, prompting the permanent change."

"People are really responding to the idea of having more time on a trans-Atlantic voyage," Cunard spokeswoman Jackie Chase told USA TODAY.

"The longer crossings will become the norm," she says.

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Dan said...

Talk about going backwards in time. In the 1930's, Queen Mary crossed the Atlantic in 5 days; by the 1990's, QE2 was crossing in 6 days; and today, QM2 takes a week. What a shame.


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