June 12, 2010

Cunard's Queen Elizabeth - The Verandah Dining

08 June 2010 — In their day, The Verandah Grills on Queen Mary and the original Queen Elizabeth were perhaps the most exclusive dining rooms at sea, on a par with exclusive private clubs in London, New York and Paris. On the former Queens, The Verandah Grills were available to first-class passengers who wanted a truly exclusive experience. The rooms would be frequented by royalty, film stars, the rich and the famous. In keeping with this tradition, The Verandah restaurant on the new Queen Elizabeth will offer an experience that encompasses exquisite cuisine, contemporary design and impeccable service.

With menus created by Chef Zimmermann, The Verandah, located on Deck 2, will be a celebration of fine French cuisine, paying homage to the chef's homeland. A light and elegant room, views of the ocean and the Grand Lobby will set the tone for a distinguished dining experience. The art is inspired by the playful and whimsical murals on the first two Queens and the vintage menus tell a story of the dining experience on board the original Queen Elizabeth.
Guests will experience an emotional link to those that dined on the original Queen Elizabeth whilst enjoying the very best in French Cuisine.

The dishes served will take guests on a culinary journey through France, evoking the special personality and flavour of regions such as Périgord, Pyrenees, Alsace, Bresse and Burgundy. Sourcing products from the finest purveyors, including many in France, Chef Zimmermann will combine these with the best methods to achieve the quintessential taste experience. Guests can look forward to enjoying culinary masterpieces, such as Monkfish and Rascas Fish Bouillabaisse, Magret Duck, Baked Brie de Meaux Brioche, and Hot Vanilla Soufflé infused with Edmond Briottet Peach Liqueur. The anticipated alternative restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner for a small surcharge.

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Cruise Fan said...

The newly announced dining options sound fantastic. Whilst Todd English always seems to get rave reviews, it is refreshing to see that Victoria's sister ship is living up to her more traditional differences and offering something in-keeping with Cunard history and traditions, whilst serving up a modern option too. There are too many new ships this year to sample them all, but Elizabeth is a must!


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