October 5, 2010

Elderly Couple Told to Leave Queen Mary 2


An elderly couple was nearly thrown off the luxury Queen Mary 2, which is operated by Cunard Line. Reports have emerged that the couple had an explicit row with some other passengers during a formal dinner last month because of anti-Semitic comments.

Frederick Evans, 91, and Gloria Sher, 82, a Tony award-winning Broadway producer and Jew, flew into a rage when another passenger commented that there were too many Jews on the vessel. She responded with ‘F*** you…how dare you insult me’ and went to her room.

Commodore Bernard Warner, the Queen Mary 2′s captain, went to the couple’s room the next morning to tell them that, under regulations, they have to leave the ship at their next port stop since they insulted a fellow passenger. He also suggested that Sher had pushed someone during the commotion. Other passengers also say that she was ill-tempered during the whole cruise, flying into a rage on another night because the piano lounge was closed.However, there were still some passengers that felt bad for the couple and ran to their defense, asking the captain to allow them to stay. Commodore Warner agreed, but held them under house arrest in their room for the remaining 6 days of the voyage without any alcohol.

The couple, of course, said that they should have been given better treatment due to their connections. Apparently Evans is the illegitimate son of the abdicated King Edward VIII, His Royal Highness the Duke of Windsor. Sher also says he’s a British knight. This has changed them forever and ruined their lives, she added.

Cunard Line says that they only gave a £529 refund to the couple for their £12,000 booking, as Sir Evans and Lady Sher were involved in several disruptive and disrespectful incidents toward other guests and crew. They fully support the captain’s decision, they added.

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