July 29, 2012

All About Cunard Podcast Launched. Cunard from the perspective of passengers. Find out more now.

I am pleased to launch the "All About Cunard" Podcast.

The free podcast that takes a look at all things Cunard, from the perspective of passengers and fans. 

The podcast is now available on iTunes (click here to subscribe or listen on iTunes), or via your favourite Podcast Catcher (click here for the link to add it).

As a massive Cunard fan and regular passenger, I launched the "All About Cunard" blog in 2004. 8 years on and as a Platinum Frequent Cunard Traveller, I now bring that passion, knowledge and experience to launch the Podcast.

The podcasts will rotate around 4 different focus areas:

(1) Cunard in the News: The latest news and what people are talking about online and in the media that will be of interest or affect passengers and fans.
(2) Cunard Features and Focus: Exclusive features about the past, present (and future) ships, virtual cruise reports, interviews and in-depth look at a specific Cunard topic.
(3) Cunard Questions and Answers: Your questions answered or thoughts and opinions on the things current and future passengers are asking. If you have a question you want answered or discussed email me or leave a comment on the blog.
(4) Cunard Video: Exclusive to the podcast videos of the ships, events or other Cunard related activities or interviews.

Please subscribe to the All About Cunard Podcast right now on iTunes and never miss an episode. If you use another service to listen to podcasts you use this link to add it to your podcast list.

This podcast is not endorsed or an official Cunard Podcast. It is my fan podcast and will reflect my views and observations, and does not represent the views of the company.

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