July 27, 2012

Sir David Frost, Broadcasting Legend, and London Symphony Orchestra on board Queen Mary 2

The famous broadcaster, Sir David Frost, will be on-board the QM2 Crossing that departs from Southampton today (27 July).

The lucky guests on that Crossing will hear sessions from him that will include:
  • Lecture full of memories and anecdotes called ‘Interviews I Shall Never Forget”. Frost is the only person to have interviewed the last seven Presidents of the United States and the last seven Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom as well as Nelson Mandela so guests onboard are in for a real treat.
  • There will also be a Q&A with the onboard entertainment director Keith Maynard and he will also introduce the film ‘Frost/Nixon’. 

Travellers aboard the 14 October Transatlantic crossing (New York to Southampton) will have concerts from some of the London’s National Symphony Orchestra team. These include:

  • A tribute to American music, 
  • Traditional “Last Night of the Proms” style.  Which will include a full all-passenger chorus.

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