August 20, 2012

Cunard Launches the 2014 Routes and Registering Of Interest for 2014 World Cruises Today

The full routes that each of the 3 Cunard Queens will be travelling on their 2014 World Cruises are now formally released by Cunard. 

Only the Queen Elizabeth is doing a more traditional world cruise that will see the ship travel from Southampton to the USA, through the Panama Canal and across to Australia and then back to Southampton via Asia.

The Queen Mary 2 will focus more on the Australian region, travelling down to the region via Cape Town. It will travel right round Australia before heading back to Sydney and sailing back to Southampton via Asia and the Suez Canal.

Meanwhile, Queen Victoria will journey to South America from Southampton via the USA and then round the Cape Horn and across to New Zealand and Australia. It will return to Southampton via Hawaii and the Panama Canal.

People can register interest and also order a brochure via their website at that they say will be with people before the World Cruises and World Voyage segments go on sale on 5 September.

The fares are not yet announced, and travel agents waiting confirmation formally. But brochures are starting to be issued and so full details will be clearer over next few days.

For the first time, Cunard have the Vantage Fares promotion linked to these voyages. This means they guarantee that if the price falls you will get benefits on kind like on board credit or upgrade. They also are offering various incentives like hotel nights from 1 to 3 nights based on how long your cruise is.

I have a vested interest, as I will be booking on a segment. At this stage most likely either the QM2 or Queen Elizabeth from Sydney to Dubai. 

Here are visuals of each of the 2014 Cunard World Cruises, and a short description

Queen Mary 2 World Cruise 2014
4 continents, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe. Visit 29 ports in 18 countries over 119 nights
Cunard Queen Mary 2 QM2 World Cruise Route 2014
Cunard Queen Mary 2 QM2 World Cruise Route 2014
Queen Elizabeth 2014 World Cruise
118 night world circumnavigation, visiting 40 destinations in 23 countries
Cunard Queen Elizabeth World Cruise Route 2014
Cunard Queen Elizabeth World Cruise Route 2014
Queen Victoria
116 night adventure to South America, Australia, the Pacific Islands and North America and visit 33 ports in 17 countries
Cunard Queen Victoria World Cruise Route 2014
Cunard Queen Victoria World Cruise Route 2014

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