July 29, 2013

"Cruising with Cunard: An Unofficial Guide" by Gary Bembridge. Available for Kindle

Buy the eBook: "Cruising with Cunard" by Gary Bembridge available for download for your Kindle

More about the 236 page book with articles and photos:

Advice and tips on planning and getting the most out of cruising with Cunard Cruise Line.

This book provides advice and tips of planning and getting the most out cruising with Cunard. It provides first hand advice and tips generated from a decade of cruising with Cunard. The guide draws on my experiences of travelling on all of Cunard’s fleet since the Queen Elizabeth 2 and from multiple trips, as well as talking to passengers and crew.

It is an unofficial guide to Cunard and not endorsed by the cruise line.

This book provides opinions and observations based on travelling as a fare paying passenger since 2004, and provides an honest and frank assessment of the positives. It does not gloss over the less favourable aspects, and so aims to provide a balanced view of Cunard.

The book also includes:
- Cruise Advice and tips, including advice for first time cruisers, cruising the Caribbean, cruising the Norwegian Fjords and Transatlantic Crossings.
- History of Cunard and their heritage.
- Cruising with Cunard.
- Cunard ship reviews.
- Focus on Queen Mary 2

Buy on Amazon.com for $2,99: click here
Buy on Amazon.co.uk for £2.02: click here

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