October 18, 2004


Over the last day or so, there has been a lot of chat about the duplex suites on the QM2 and how they compare to the QE2 similar suites.

While the QM2 cabins are clearly bigger and I think from the images more luxurious, the main discussion has been about the privacy and also the sense of "exclusiveness". I guess some snob value too.

Here is some of the discussion that took place in the Yahoo Group: CunardShipQM2

MKelly: " My wife and I were on a QM2 Caribbean cruise this past May. We were in one of the duplex suites that are situated on 9 and 10 decks aft. The accommodations, service, etc., were flawless. However, given the recent discussion thread on the locations of the restaurants, I wanted to raise one issue about the location of the room. The view from the room is mainly the fantail of the ship, looking onto the outdoor pool on 8 deck. When you walk out on the balcony, you are immediately aware of the stares of people by the pool. We would have preferred that there be a little more privacy, namely, that the room one be on side of the ship. When we were on the QE2, a number of years ago, we were in a room that was part of the balconied Signal Deck rooms that had been added after the ship was built."

STONEYARD: "When I saw the deck plans I was surprised that the most expensive accommodation was placed all around the ship. I thought it would be a separate annex with direct access to dedicated lounge, terrace and restaurant. The Queens Grill Restaurant and Lounge are not even connected and the Queens Grill Terrace has a stairway running though it.

As you say, on QE2 most of the expensive cabins are located in a very secluded `motel' high up (with nothing above) at the front of the ship. A private stairway links it to the Queens Grill Lounge and Restaurant. Almost a ship inside the ship.

P&O in Oriana have the most expensive accommodation grouped together in the middle of the ship. All balconies have views to the side"

Although Karen from the CunardQM2 group did make one point that is interesting (and only reminds me again how we may regret having booked a top notch cabin for our crossing...).

KAREN: "(In response to the question: Are) most newbuilds locating their top accommodations similar to QM2? I think most are, and that makes no sense to me. The most stable, smooth-riding area is amidship, and I would think luxury suites would be placed there, rather than forward and up on one of the top decks. That area can be an awfully rough ride in a storm or crossing the North Atlantic in the winter. If I paid considerable money for a suite, I'd like it in a comfortable part of the ship!"

Had to shield the images of the tossing Atlantic from Mark as he half watched the Building of the QM2" last night on the Discovery Channel... and definately cannot show him this comment until we are on our way...!

MKELLY did later add the following which cheered me up: "I would say that the size and extras on the QM2 exceeded the QE2. However, I did enjoy the secluded nature of the QE2 suites. When you would leave your room, a private staircase and lift took you directly to the Queens Grill Lounge and restaurant. One other point about the location of the QM2 duplexes. During the anticipation stage of our cruise, I imagined sitting on our balcony while cruising the Caribbean. Given the tropical climate, I thought it would be easy to walk down one deck and take a quick dip in the 8 Deck pool to cool off. Well, I soon learned that the only direct path to the pool is through the Todd English Restaurant".

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