October 13, 2004


This is my thoughts and review of the book: " The Essential Little Cruise Book: Secrets from a Cruise Director for a Perfect Vacation" by Jim West. It retails at the time of writing for around £4.95 on Amazon.co.uk

Overall I though the book was a waste of my money.

From the title you are led to expect the most amazing and insightful tips and ideas. The ones that will be like little bits of gold nuggets for 1st time cruisers, or even the most experienced.
However, what you get are some fairly general and fairly basic common sense lists that are as applicable to personal safety and any trip. It reads more like the "lists of" things you get in magazines that are space fillers and "fluff".

I think the problem lies in the fact that he is trying to serve too wide a target audience and so ends up probably not satisfying anyone. If you are looking for some light reading that will take a few minutes then this book is for you. If you are looking for real help and guidance on how to go about getting the most about cruising, then this book is not for you. Posted by Hello


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