December 18, 2004


Rocky Robin through the night (written Saturday 18 December @ 18:00)

Yesterday during the daily 12 noon Captain's briefing that comes over the loud speaker system, he said that things were going to get rough although things were calm at that time, as we were going to be going through the bottom part of a storm.

And boy oh boy was he right! By the time we went to bed last night it was fairly bumpy, with the ship leaning to one side due to the very high wind that was blowing the port side of the ship making the whole ship list to the starboard (which is the right hand side as you face the front - the stern - of the ship). During the night, things got really "rocky robin" as Mark calls it.

We awoke at various times to the sound of the cupboard doors banging open and shut, our bedside drawers shooting open and closed and the other flower arrangement we had flying onto the floor. The night butler when she brought my bedtime de-caffeinated coffee (they are very switched on as we had ordered it on the 1st night and so every time you head off to bed she asks if you want it) told us to leave the coffee pot on the floor or outside the door or it would go flying through the night! It certainly was very up and down and at times quite shuddering as the ship rose and fell in the seas.

Before all of that, we had headed down to dinner. For dinner last night, I had very yummy sushi and for main I had steak with vegetable parcels and potatoes. For dessert I had crepe suzettes with Grand Marnier (usually they bring them to the table and flambé them, but they did it at the maitre de station as the weather was starting to get a bit rough at that stage). Mark had barbequed turkey and for main herb crusted lamb with dauphine potatoes, and lemon grass sorbet for dessert. All were very yummy as usual.

We popped along to the Grand Lounge to see the "Broadway Bound Theatre Company" show which was supposed to be their "Hit Parade Review". But as the weather was choppy they could not do it so were doing this thing were they sat on chairs on stage and one of them "interviewed them" one-by-one and they each sang a song. They had not rehearsed the questions and so it was a bit stilted and the singing was a bit varied. But it was entertaining enough.

Then (as usual) we headed to the casino and proceeded to loose on both the machines and then $50 on roulette which I am not sure we really understand how to play!

This morning Mark was feeling a bit queasy at breakfast and so he left his poached eggs, bacon and has browns but did eat his raisin bran. I had the bran and the delicious pancakes and maple syrup. One exciting thing we saw during breakfast was piles and piles of dolphins romping and jumping through the sea chasing the ship. It was amazing!

After a walk on the rising and falling deck, Mark headed off to his bridge lesson (and he won his games), I did some videoing and then we did the 2nd part of the music quiz (Broadway shows). I did not do as well as yesterday, getting 9 out of 15. Tomorrow is classical.... So will be lucky to get 1!

After more of the casino, we went to the gym where I did quite well. Off to the gym, and then a very lazy rest of the afternoon as we ordered lunch in the room (nachos with salsa and guacamole for my starter, chicken breast for Mark's and then pepperoni pizza for main). We watched the silly but quite fun "Garfield - the Movie" and then had a 2 hour nap before a quick afternoon tea and a game of desk quoits before relaxing before dinner.

As I write this, have been watching/ listening to 2 of the lectures from today which again are excellent. Brian Hoey talk on the "Royal Yacht Britannia" and Ted Scull on "We want you - as a paying passenger. How streamliners advertised and promoted themselves". Posted by Hello


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