December 19, 2004


Smooth and plain sailing (written Sunday 19 December @ 12:45)

It has now been so clam at sea, talk about chalk and cheese! Even the Captain remarked that we seem to have experienced just about all weather conditions, as also apparently it was very foggy at about 5am this morning. It ahs though from about late morning yesterday been very smooth indeed, and the win has dropped below gale force (it had been about 8 and 9).

Last night for dinner we had delicious food again. It is hardly even worth commenting that the food is good. For dinner I had caviar to start, roast beef with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings with the most divine chocolate soufflé for pudding, Mark had an apple and carrot salad for starter, for main pan fired veal and also the soufflé for dessert.

We then went along to the Royal Lounge and watched a very funny comedy juggler (Pete Matthews). He was brilliant. After that it was off to the casino, where I played a very good and quite long session of blackjack. The dealer was great fun, and we had a good time for about 40 minutes and were up even giving the dealer a lot of tips. This guy who keep going on and on about how he was from Reno joined our table and keep going on and on and we got bored of him and left. After a quick drink at the Yacht Club, a swing past the Red, White and Blue ball in the Queens Lounge it was off to bed with our friendly evening butler dropping by with my decaffeinated coffee.

This morning we had breakfast and walked on the deck. It is much colder out there now, but as the wind has dropped you can go right onto the front observation deck again and look over the bow of the ship. I took a pile of photos while Mark played bridge. Posted by Hello


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