January 15, 2005


The Celebrity Boards on Cruisecritic.com are so fast! So much faster than the Cunard Boards - the postings certainly fly along.

After posting a request about if we should go for a sky suite on Penthouse or Sports Deck (there are only about 20 of them up there) and I was worried if there may be too much traffic on the deck between the pool and the bar (see the picture above) - but we got a flurry of really helpful tips. And so booked cain 1205 (changed my booking). Here are what people said:

Kirstin: "The Sports deck Skys have partial cover, so there's some shade/privacy if that's something you look for. The lower "Sky" suites used to be called just plain Suites, but now they're all called Sky, you have to be careful. The lower deck suites are the same cabin but have a small, narrow veranda. For someone wanting more privacy and less sun, that's great. If you want more space, partial shade/privacy and more sun, and fewer cabins around you, go for the upper suites. There are also 2 smaller cabins, 1200 and 1201 I believe, that are in a lower price range but have most of the benefits of the Sky Suites next to them (except slightly smaller cabin and veranda.) If price is a concern, they might be an attractive option. We've had 4 Skys and 1 Royal and we LOVE the Skys! The Veranda is larger than my living room (sad to say.) ;>"

and DDL "It's also a perfect location! We were in 1206 and couldn't have asked for a better first cruise".
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