January 15, 2005


As you know if you have read my ramblings, one of the things we regretted was not having thought ahead when we went on the December 2004 Crossing on the QE2, and booked to stay on for the Caribbean Cruise.

Vic the Parrot (a regular poster to CC and one who gave us lots of tips before our crossing) did stay on.. and although he does not seem to have been worried about the technical problems others reported.. did not have much good to say about the trip.... because of the people. This is interesting as we had noted (and are still seeing) so much proce promotion on the QE2 and maybe it is attracting a different mix (especially on the warm weather cruises)..

Here is what he wrote - and you can tell how unhappy he was by the length too!

"Just as I mentioned in my previous posting, a voyage on this ship is an experience to remember.

All the same aspects of the crossing were apparent in the holiday sailing, which left NY on 12/21. Had my same cabin, enjoyed the company of my table companions and the guys who took care of us for 19 days. But, there was a different feeling upon departing on 12/21. Something that a friend brought to my attention as I was enjoying the last hours of daylight on the boat deck. He said he ran into the most rudest people he ever encountered on that ship. If you said 'hello', they would ignore you.

Then he mentioned (in his words), a 'big fat a-h*le' who gave my friend a hard time in the pursers lobby.This 'rotund monster' said in a real huffy tone ... "Excuse me, there's a queue here!" And my pal was shocked, as they were the only 2 people in the area. I was aghast as he was describing the scene. I kinda thoght the guy was having a bad day, and he needed time to really mellow out. But, as it turned out, the nasty enormous man was just the tip of the iceberg......

After my friends encounter with the 'passenger from hell', I started thinking that with some people, it takes around a couple of days for them to unwind, and eventually break out of thier shell. I've run into many people who said hello, after they managed to 'loosen up' a little.But it seemed the majority of the folks who came on board in NY were extremely uptight. Even I encountered some who treated me like I was a bowery bum after saying hello to them. There really is no cause for that type of behaviour!

Many of us from the crossing started noticing that that there was 'a new breed' on board for this leg, and those morons only proved that by behaving badly, they would get attention.... which they did.I have to say, from the UK to NY, if there was no seat in the Lido, there would be an invite from a table to join them. And I always did the same. Buuuut....... these 'triboro trash' would give you a look of death if you approached them. I swear to God, folks .... I was given a look by one gorilla that said "You BETTER not sit here!"Nice, huh? LOLHappy f%&*#$%@! holiday to you too! I mumbled as I walked away.

Another friend, said it might be because, many of these people have been doing this Christmas cruise for the longest time, and WE were invading thier territory. Ummm.... I just might believe that, but no.If someone brings a guest to my house, someone I've never met before, I should follow the lead of these inconsiderate cretins, and treat that guest as a dangerous invader? There's something REALLY f**ked up in those little brains of those people.I guess thats what happens when a company slashes prices at the last minute. All the scum from the greater NY area flock on board, and take over. Wait ..... this gets BETTER!

As it turns out, my 'scum' theory was beginning to take shape. One of my fellow pax decided to take something that belonged to me. I had a large shopping bag with my purchases from St Thomas. There was a smaller bag, that was stuffed on the top of the bigger bag, stuffed as much as it could go, so that it won't protrude that much. But guess what .....the guy at the x-ray machine on board turned it on its side, because the bag was too tall. upon leaving the area, all seemed well. Didn't really notice the missing bag til Christmas day.After tearing my cabin apart, I finally realized that the other bag was history. I know, I'm to blame as well, but didn't think of double-checking after claiming it. I'm on a cruise ... my head's in the clouds. And the thieves know when to strike.It wasn't a significant loss, about $40 in mdse.

But why... and WHY would a fellow passenger .... someone who is ALSO ON HOLIDAY to relax and de-stress, take something that doesn't belong to them? How can someone like that sleep at night??This took me almost the rest of the trip to get over, and I'm sorry to bring this up again. But I had to tell everyone out there what happens when you have 'trash' sailing with you.I DID let it go .... I sure did, but thinking about this got me riled up again. So it's time to move on to the final topic.

Man, where can I begin?? Oh yea ..... the majority of the people on that ship SUCKED! I feel better, thanks for listening. LOLOn the last note, met quite a few 'interesting' folks. Of course, there were a good number of decent people that I had the pleasure of meeting, and socializing with. This was my 1st exposure to 'English trash'..... never thought I'd hear that phrase, but it looks like THEY DO exist.There was this one guy, he was constantly DRUNK from day 1.I mean real, nasty, foul, vile! I think a conversation with Ozzy Osbourne would make more sense, but this guy!His face would violently contort, trying to spill out his sentences. I didn't quite understand him, but I almost heard the word 'queer' as he finally stumbled away. Then a few times, he was sober, and beyond mellow. Even had a drink, and an enjoyable conversation. When I wasn't around for the fireworks in the Yacht Club one night, I heard this guy, and his travelling companion where starting fights with people! They would get so ****faced, if you said hi to them, they wanted to punch you out!

I tell you, this is the 1st time I've seen a trainwreck on a luxury liner. It scares me to think that there are pieces of s**t like that who want to start trouble while on vaca. I've run into nasty, drunk people many times on a ship, but they'd pass out, or stumble away down the hall.But these guys ..... a little alcohol, and they were extremely dangerous.

Ok, now that everyone knows my extended stay on my fav ship turned into a nightmare, just want to say that I've learned my lesson. Never set foot on that ship during the holiday season.Don't get me wrong ..... I WILL sail on QE2 again, even tho this last voyage left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll just be a little more choosy on the itinerary, and when they start offering discounts, I'M OUTTA THERE!!To think that by offering a good rate, lots of people, like me, who enjoy a classic experience..... would, SHOULD be able to relax. Not be victims of crime, and verbal abuse. It's normal people like me, and the 'liner nuts' who should benefit from price cutting. Cunard better make up a new questionnare. It's time to weed out the trash already"
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