April 10, 2005


This also from the WELOVECRUISING group:
"Just back from Acardia. She is a stunner in ever way. Cannot wait now for 21 Days.

Where to start.

Deck 11 Orchid Bar Quite quite small should hold about 50 people. Like a bar for using the resturant.Orchid resturant is beige and orange very light.

Deck 10 The crows nest seemed smaller than the Aurora and not so light but in did have net curtains at the windows. I don't think they would stay there too long. The retreat was light and airy as stated. In very good tase

Deck 9 Polls were fab. Everything that you could what. The gym was the best I've seen on a ship. A lot more beauty rooms. Hairdressers could be too small.Stream rooms brillant. Deli looks very interesting.

Deck 8,7,6 The cabins seem smaller on Acardia. Have to wait and see how we get on.

Deck 3 The Medidian resturant looks very spacious and is very light in colour. The theatre is smaller than I thought it would be but on three levels and has a bar !!!

Shops like well stocked poor George I still remember the passport!!! Photo shop look long lots of photos to be taken!!! Piano bar was a little dark but had good sound. In fact all the rooms that had entertainment in had good acoustics.

Acardia Rhodes is going to be a must for me. Looked very good. Like the lay out of it.

Casino was large with alot of slot machines with aleast four tables perhaps five cannot remember.

Nightclub had stunning lights but not much seating. Then perhaps 40 and 50 years old have more stamina they the oldies.

So overall opinion. Looks a great ship. She has a differant feel to her then any of the other ships. She s out on her own. It makes you realise how old the other ships are. Whether she will replace the Aurora as my favourite ship remains to be seen.

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