April 9, 2005


The P&O ship ARCADIA is now in Southampton and open for viewing to P&O regulars, travel agents etc before the offiicial naming on Tuesday 12 April.
This ship was originally going to be the Cunard Queen Victoria..
One of the people from the WELOVECRUISING group wrote these comments:
"Great day in Southampton; not sure about the 'interesting' Sapphire

From the outside, she looked great, especially when you drive over
the mini flyover and see hee=r for the first time. Incredibly white
and, of course, no rusty marks or any blemishes yet.

I would say one of my favourite places was The Orchid Bar and The
Orchid Restaurant - great views over the ship and v. nice places to
drink and eat. Arcadian Rhodes also great - glass plates and
everything; seemed to have less windows though I think, but it was
pretty busy in there when I was there, so it might just have been the
volume of people making it dark.

Glass lifts on the side are fun - might be a bit disconcerting after
a few drinks...!

Seems lots of extra space in areas that wouldn't really be used a
great deal - particularly around the lifts.

I thought there would be a bit more to the atrium - I think I
expected to think 'wow'. Portunus and Future Cruise Sales have their
own little booths though,which is good. The 'colourful' ceiling
should not be looked at with a hangover... Officers officers just off
are huge and with windows for a change. Each one is also named with
whose office it is.

I though the cabins were a lot bigger - even the bog standard inside
ones. Flatscreen TVs in all of them and access for wireless
networking. The finishings look a lot more sophisticated and 21st

Maybe an odd observation, but the loos all have a new sign that says
in addition to the please wash your hands bit, a sentence to say
it 'prevents the spread of infection'.

Nightclub is bit odd actually - great lighting and effects; not very
big and the bar is separate to it with seats and a few sofas about
knee high literally. There is, however, a pole right in the centre of
the dancefloor...!

Spa fabulous and even really swanky leather pedicure chaird with
built in footbath thing.

Neptune pool and skydome really great and really big.

Palladium theatre was great too with its three tiers - there were a
couple of bits that looked like royal boxes.

Meridien restaurant was also great and the Belvedere is a huge
improvement on the Conservatory / Orangery - a much more
sophisticated set-up more like a restaurant than a self service
place. Lots of different sections, including deli counter and things
like that.

Loved the wooden sunloungers and there are quite a few wood features
around the open decks, not to mention lots of cameras, so big brother
will be watching any antics taking place after hours!

I was a bit disappointed with the Crow's Nest - the furniture is very
dark in colour, but even in a big room with plenty of natural light,
it feels a bit dingy; it's all on one level and there's not a big bar
to sit up at. I personally think the ones on Oriana and Aurora are
nicer, but then that's just me.

These are my initial thoughts - look forward to hearing what everyone
else has to say. "


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