September 10, 2007

Cunard Cruise Line Appoints New Captains

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"British-owned Cunard, home to the three most well-known cruise ships in the world, recently announced a changing of the guards, so to speak. Two new captains have been positioned over the Queen Victoria and the entire Cunard fleet. While both gentlemen are native to Cunard, Captain Paul Wright and Captain Bernard Warner have been promoted to new positions.
Captain Paul Wright Will Command Queen Victoria

A 26-year veteran of Cunard, Captain Paul Wright was previously appointed Master of Queen Mary 2 (in 2004) after overseeing her construction. Prior to that, Wright commanded Cunard's flagship, Queen Elizabeth 2. With his new appointment, Wright will be Master of Queen Victoria, which is due to enter service in December 2007.

When asked about the maiden voyage of Queen Victoria, Captain Wright commented, "I fully expect that sailing Queen Victoria into Southampton for the first time will give me a most memorable event - and I have no doubt it will be equally memorable for those who turn out to greet us; nothing stirs the imagination quite as much as a new Cunarder arriving in port for the first time. She will be a magnificent vessel built in true Cunard style."

Queen Victoria will truly be a marvel, as she delivers a series of firsts for the Cunard line and cruising in general. For instance, the first private boxes at sea (in the Royal Court Theatre) will be made available on Queen Victoria. Likewise, a floating museum and a two-story library will be introduced. Luxury and elegance have been unleashed in the construction of this ship: That will be made clear to all who sail her.

Captain Bernard Warner Appointed Commodore of the Cunard Fleet
After serving as Master of Queen Mary 2 since 2005, Captain Bernard Warner has been appointed Commodore of the entire Cunard fleet. Sailing since the age of 16 when he entered Warsash School of Navigation at the University of Southampton, Warner began his career piloting cargo ships after joining P&O. His first passenger ship was Oriana, which he commanded in 1969. After sailing numerous ships within the Princess fleet, he realized a lifelong dream upon being appointed as Master of Queen Mary 2.

"I am honoured by this appointment to Commodore of the fleet of the most famous shipping company in the world, and I look forward to re-joining Queen Mary 2 on 20 February in Sydney when both Queens will be together for what promises to be a spectacular occasion," stated Warner.

Queen Victoria is slated to make a grand entrance, as have her sisters Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2. In true Cunard style, Queen Victoria will exude grandeur and grace, magnificence and majesty with rich wood paneling, chandeliers, and marble, metal and ornamental glasswork throughout the public areas. Offering luxury at every turn, Queen Victoria will honor ocean liners of centuries past with her continued focus on excellence. Join Captain Wright as he sets sail in one of three Queens to rule the seas this coming December.

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Anonymous said...

Could Cdr Bernard Warner be my cousin. I see he sailed and fished at Sandsend N Yorkshire which is close to the town of Guisborough where my father's family lived. Was his father Alfred? Has he a brother Robert? (named after my father who died at the age of 26 and was a Salvation Army Captain. Did he have uncles Dennis and Harry? All very relevant as we sail on QM2 net Friday 10th Oct.2008 and I would love to know. Not asking for any special priveledges just to make contact with a long lost cousin.
Myra Overton (nee Myra Warner)


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